Toyota Partner Robot

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Toyota Group has been developing industrial robots since the 1970s, and uses many robots especially in welding and painting processes. Even in assembly processes, robots are assisting people mainly in transport operations. Toyota has been introducing robots into its manufacturing system in order to improve quality and reduce costs.


Harmony with people is the main theme behind Partner Robot Since Toyota's founding, our corporate spirit has been "To enrich society through making things." Based on this spirit, Toyota has been developing human-assisting partner robot. Our goal is to build robots that embody "kindness" and "intelligence" and that will be able to assist with human activities in applications such as assistance, elderly care, manufacturing, and mobility in the near future.

Partner Robot Family

Partner Robot, as its name suggests, is a robot that assists people with a combination of caring and intelligence. Toyota has been working to develop commercially viable "partner robot" by building on its expertise in the field of industrial robotics and applying cutting-edge technology from areas such as the automotive industry and IT. Remaining loyal to the philosophy of Sakichi Toyoda and Kiichiro Toyoda, which is to "contribute to the world and to people by enriching society through manufacturing".


Robina is one of the family of Partner Robot that can help provide medical and nursing care or perform housework. It is able to think and move for itself, carry and use objects, and even converse with people. In the future, it is hoped that Robina will become a trusted partner, assisting doctors and nurses and looking after patients and the elderly wherever medical and nursing care are provided.


The Humanoid is one of the family of Partner Robot that assists people. Able to move its whole body and with advanced coordination controls, the Humanoid can walk like a person and even use tools. In the future, it is envisioned that this robot will support people by helping out with the housework and even taking care of people.

Playing Trumpet A performance with a trumpet was made possible with the recreation of the vibrations of a human lip and piston-controlled human-like fingers. This tool is aimed to provide support in medical, nursing, and housework areas.

Playing Violin The instrument is delicately played like a human with a highly advanced cooperative control of both hands and arms. This tool is aimed to provide support in medical, nursing and housework areas.